The Butcher’s Dog Christmas Deliveries

Hi everyone the Festive season has arrived and we thought you might want to know about The Butcher’s Dog Christmas deliveries.   No doubt your planning is well underway.  As we write this there are only 20 days until the The Big Man comes down the chimney!

We wanted to ensure that your planning for your Pup is also well under way.  The Butcher’s Dog will be open all through the Christmas and New Year period.  The only days off will be:

Christmas Day

Boxing Day 

New Years Day 

We want to make sure that your Pup is well catered for during this period and did not want to disrupt their routine!

Some Points to remember:

  • If you have a recurring order, that is due on the Days above, don’t panic as your order will be delivered on the next business day after our 3 days off.
  • If you are going to be away from home make sure you have catered for your Pup.  You may want to order some additional Packs to take with you to make sure your Dog does not run out of his/her Discs.
  • If you are planning to have your Pup stay away with a carer make sure that they have enough of The Butcher’s Dog Discs to carry your Pup through their holiday away.  We recommend you keep your Pup on the same diet so they are not disrupted or unsettled.

For any questions Contact The Butcher’s Dog on

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