What’s the Benefit of a Vegetable & Fruit Supplement

What’s in a fruit and vegetable supplement?

Vegetables and fruit that are locally sourced – what ever is seasonally abundant.

This might include a mix of green leafy veggies such as spinach, kale and broccoli, carrots, beetroot, banana, papaya, blueberries plus kelp, flaxseed and coconut oil, fish oil and parsley to provide the balance of the micronutrients.

These ingredients are frozen into 150 gram free flow frozen discs so they can be conveniently fed alongside the meat discs. Only a small amount is needed to meet your dogs daily requirements so the vegetable discs can be divided across several feeds.

The crushed raw vegetables and fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals, active enzymes and phytonutrients which are vital to keep the gut healthy. The fibre from raw vegetables and fruit aid digestive health and contributes to smaller, well formed stools.

Crushed vegetables and fruit are probiotic foods helping to feed the good gut bacteria.

Balancing the alkalinity and acidity of your dog’s diet is also important.

Vegetables help to keep the body in an alkaline state which is important for fighting inflammation.


Why raw and crushed?

Plant cells are surrounded by a cellulose wall and dogs can’t digest cellulose which is why if you feed a whole carrot or whole green bean to your dog, it comes out pretty much looking the way it went in.

Whole vegetables provide fibre but if the cell wall isn’t broken either in the body or before going in as we are doing, then the nutrients aren’t available for the dog to use. Dogs can digest cooked vegetables, however the process of heating destroys the majority of the nutrients and kills the natural enzymes that contribute to digestion and gut health.

Feeding fresh, raw vegetables and fruit is preferred because the living enzymes are kept intact.

Why is gut health so important?

About 80% of the immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract so it makes sense to make gut health the priority. A healthy gut microbiome equals a healthy dog whose body is better able to fight disease causing pathogens and bacteria.

Many of the health issues prevalent in dogs today are being caused by feeding a highly processed, poor quality diet full of grains, starches and synthetic vitamins. The majority of dogs today are still fed a diet completely devoid of any fresh food!

Remember even grain free kibble has a significant amount of starch as the grains have simply been replaced with ingredients such as tomato pumace (an inexpensive by-product of tomato manufacturing ), tapioca and peas.

This is great for the marketing department of kibble companies because they can put the claim “Grain Free” on their packaging. However these starches still convert to sugar in the blood stream and sugar causes inflammation.

Food allergies, itchy paws, hot spots, irritated skin, leaky gut, ear infections, cancer, diabetes – in fact all disease states start with inflammation at the cellular level.

When Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine” he probably never imagined his words would be proven in scientific laboratories 2000 years later. I will leave you with this thought… Can you imagine a GP recommending to unwell or over weight patient they should eat a highly processed diet and stay away from fresh food, vegetables and fruit?

We can assist you with transitioning your dog to a raw diet. Contact us, or purchase our Transition Pack HERE.

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