Real food for dogs, delivered to your door

At The Butcher’s Dog® we believe feeding your dog shouldn’t be rocket science. As with humans, dogs achieve balanced nutrition over time by eating a variety of real meat protein sources, alongside some organ meat, bone, vegetables and fruit. Like a good marriage – mix it up, Keep it interesting and your dog will love you for it. 

We currently deliver The Butcher’s Dog Meals throughout the Sydney metro area. Check with us at to see when we deliver to your area. 

For clients of Doggy Daycare Farm Trips,  you are able to pick up your order when you drop off your Pup at the Drop Off point in the morning.  

Adored Beast Apothecary is shipped Australia and New Zealand wide. (Free shipping over $89) 

Please visit our FAQs to see more information about our delivery or  contact The Butcher’s Dog™ on for clarification. 

Here’s how it works

Simply choose from The Butcher’s Dog® range of frozen meat meals and a vegetable and fruit supplement and that’s it – we’ll deliver them straight to your door. 

Theres an old saying “As fit as a Butcher’s Dog”. Traditionally the butcher’s dog was fed a variety of meaty offcuts, bones and offal – the butcher shop left overs. And the butcher’s dog was the fittest and healthiest dog in the neighbourhood – the envy of all other dogs.

At The Butcher’s Dog® we want you to feed your dogs real food, made with real ingredients that you can see. Ingredients with names you can pronounce, full of fresh meat and seasonal vegetables and fruit, grown right here in Australia.

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The Butcher’s Dog™ is a fresh natural feeding plan that makes raw feeding simple, balanced and convenient.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in touch with us!