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Puppy Pack

5.93kg 26 discs
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Puppy Pack

The Puppy Pack is designed for taking your new puppy straight home to a healthy raw diet. Puppies do extremely well on raw food and its never to early to start. Perfect for puppies adjusting to a new home and new food. Start by feeding the Turkey and Veg, followed by Puppy Love, leaving the Beef, Heart and Liver pack until last to allow a smooth transition. Add some of the Veg and fruit supplement with each meal.

Beef Meat Muscle Turkey Thigh Crushed Turkey Bone Chicken Thigh Chicken Drumstick Crushed Cartilage and Bone Beef Heart and Liver Seasonal Vegetables Broccoli Kale Spinach Butternut Pumpkin Zucchini Carrots Celery Apples Pears Bananas Beetroot Blueberries Kelp Flax Seed Fish Oil Coconut Oil Hemp Oil Parsley and Mint Slippery Elm

This box includes

Premium Turkey with Seasonal Vegetables
Puppy Love Chunky Beef and Chicken with Crushed Bone
Chunky Beef Heart and Liver
Vegetable and Fruit Supplement x 2

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