A fit and healthy dog is a dog who eats a
biologically appropriate, natural, raw food diet.

We already know there’s a link between diet and health in people and it’s the same with dogs.

A highly-processed diet is not good for you and equally as bad for your dog.

Dog kibble often has very low quality meat proteins and is packed full of a lot of highly-processed starches and carbohydrates as fillers.

Most kibbles – grain free or not – are often 50% carbohydrates which convert to sugar. Sugar is linked to itching, skin irritations, diabetes, yeast infections, ear infections, obesity and cancer.

When kibble manufacturers removed the grains to produce a ‘healthier’ grain free product, they replaced them with other starches like potato, tapioca, peas, and tomato pomace.

Dogs only have a biological need for 5-7% carbohydrates so when you feed your dog a natural diet high in animal protein you’re feeding them what they were born to eat.

The Butcher’s Dog™ contains only high quality human-grade muscle meats, organs and bone. With raw vegetables and fruit added for a balanced diet.

We only uses premium fresh ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, chemicals or fillers.

The benefits of raw feeding

The benefits gained from changing your dog’s diet to a raw and natural food diet can include better oral health and fresher breath, shinier coat, improved digestion and more energy. You can also expect smaller – and less smelly – poop, better weight control and strengthened immune system. With changes like these you’ll have fewer trips to the vet saving you money.


Coat condition

The first physical change you will notice is the coat. Up to 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their skin and coat so if they are fed a diet that is low in real meat protein and high in carbohydrates, they will not have protein spare to grow a healthy shiny soft coat.


Allergies and Infections

Around 50% of the ingredients in dry dog are carbohydrates or starches which convert to sugars when digested. And yes, even the grain free varieties .  Put simply the grains have been removed and replaced with starches such as tapioca, potato and peas. Sugar causes and feeds allergies, yeast infections, itchiness and cancer. The best food for a dog with these conditions is a natural raw food diet.


Muscle Tone

Dogs are carnivores meaning they all need to eat protein (and fat). Protein is the building block of muscle, skin, hair and joints. When fed a raw diet they will shed fat and reveal a beautiful sleeker firm body.


Poop scoop

The poop is the window to your dogs digestion. Fresh raw food is easier to digest than processed food and promotes better gut health. It doesn’t contain fillers to bulk it up or chemicals and additives to give it shelf life and make it palatable. Expect to see quite a difference in your dogs poop. There will be much less of it , it will be firmer and have minimal odour. There is also a lot less farting.


Pee wee

Due to the high amount of salt in dry food and because all the moisture has been removed, dogs on dry diets need to drink A LOT more water than raw fed dogs. All this drinking produces higher volumes of urine meaning your dog needs to go out to pee more often. To sum it up, raw fed dogs produce less waste and therefore it is much easier to house train them. A real benefit to dog owners who live in apartments. It is also a lot easier on their kidneys.