Meet Clare, Pet Nutritionist + Writer

Clare Kearney
We are super excited to introduce Clare Kearney, Pet Nutritionist + Writer to The Butchers Dog followers.

Clare will be contributing posts, articles, and discussions on a broad range of dog and cat health topics. She has an engaging writing style that cuts a swathe through “twaddle and poppycock” and provides dog parents with a real-world take on feeding and caring for their beloved doggos.

Clare is an Australian pet nutritionist + writer, who specialized in all things canine and feline nutrition. Clare lives in Byron Bay with her two kelpies, Tex Perkins (8 years but you’d never know it) and Pip (9 months and it shows), who are living, breathing examples of Clare’s philosophy around nourishing our pets.

Clare studied small animal nutrition at the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation and has spent the better part of a decade actively educating herself about nutrition and the pet food industry. She started educating others professionally in 2015, as a way to provide information and support to people wishing to improve their pets’ lives through fresh, whole foods. She has hosted sold-out workshops in canine nutrition and regularly writes about pet nutrition and the pet food industry.

Clare’s passion is educating people on the benefits of a fresh, whole foods diet for their pets. She strongly believes that nutrition fundamentally underpins our health and that without fresh, healthy foods we can’t possibly be at our most vibrant. Clare sees no distinction between us and our animal companions in this respect. Clare connected with Jo a few years ago over a shared passion for improving the health and wellbeing of our pets through healthy foods, and the two have joined forces to positively impact the lives of as many pets as possible

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