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The Butcher's Dog | Our Story

Our story

The Butcher’s Dog was always the fittest and healthiest dog in the neighbourhood because he was fed a variety of meaty offcuts, bones and organs.

We wanted to create the best raw food for Australian Dogs.

Greg and Jo and Wilson

Founders of The Butcher's Dog



The science is clear, the most important health decision you will make for your dog, is what you put in their bowl. We created The Butcher’s Dog with one thing in mind - to make feeding a naturally nutritious raw diet full of variety, just as easy as feeding dry food. We're constantly researching the latest scientific evidence and it's clear there has been a lot of contradiction about what is healthy for dogs, and what is not. We want dogs to get a better deal when it comes to nutrition and we will only use ingredients in our food that provide benefits to your dog’s health. Health professionals have been telling us for years processed food is unhealthy for humans, so it’s logical it is for our dogs too.


Our formulations are developed with Animal Nutritionists and checked by Vets. We know that it is possible to feed your dog a nutritionally balanced diet without using synthetic vitamin and mineral premixes to make it balance. Unlike dry food companies, we dont believe there is one meal you should be feeding your dog every day of its life. So we encourage you to feed from across our range. Like a good marriage, mix it up and keep it interesting - your dog will love you for it.


Our Butcher has over 40 years experience in the meat industry and sources the meats that go into The Butcher’s Dog meals from the same farms your local Butcher buys his produce. We buy our vegetables and fruit directly from the growers so it's fresh and seasonal. We make our food in small batches in our HACCP food approved facility and it's delivered to you in temperature controlled vans to make sure it gets delivered promptly and stays perfect and frozen. To us it’s not pet food, it’s just food.

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