Adored Beast Apothecary is a line of all-natural pet products designed to support your dog’s health inside and out. Imported from Canada.

Adored Beast Apothecary stock is limited due to COVID-19. We will provide an update on new stock shortly.
Anti-Vaccinosis Anti-Vaccinosis


Adored Beast Anti-Vaccinosis assists in the removal of...
Fido's Flora Fido's Flora

Fido's Flora

Fido’s Flora is the first and only biologically species...
Gut Soothe Gut Soothe

Gut Soothe

Adored Beast Gut Soothe - for dog diarrhea or digestive...
Healthy Gut Healthy Gut

Healthy Gut

Adored Beast Gut Health is a Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic...
The Butcher's Dog
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The Butcher's Dog Food Calculator

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disc per day

These amounts are a guide only. You will need to increase/decrease your dog’s intake depending on their body condition. All dog breeds have different metabolisms and activity levels. Feed pregnant and lactating mothers up to twice the normal daily amount.

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