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“As fit as The Butcher’s Dog”
Because dogs are carnivores and feeding a balanced raw diet emulates the food and nutrition that nature intended.
We only use human-grade meat, bones, organs and seasonal vegetables and fruits, farmed right here in Australia.
Formulated by animal nutritionists to provide natural balanced nutrition. No preservatives, synthetic vitamins & minerals or chemicals.
One-off or subscription plans delivered frozen directly to your door in our temperature-controlled vans.
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Outside our delivery zones?
The Butchers Dog meals can be purchased from selected neighbourhood butchers and pet stores.
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😍 YES!! A 💩 with a score of 10/10! 👏

Thanks Jase & Ted for this amazing review 💬 and we are ecstatic 🥳 to hear that Ted is happier, healthier and we've also helped make feeding your bestest boi easy and convenient. 🐾

Did you know that Gut health incorporates organs starting from the mouth 😛 all the way to the bum 🍑 (not just the tummy) and interacts/fuels majority of the critical organs of the body so it makes sense to feed our best friends that nature intend: raw, natural and balanced. 🥩🥦🥕🫐

If you are interested in finding out more on the importance of gut health check out our blog: https://thebutchersdog.com.au/the-importance-of-gut-health/

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There was an accidental colour coordination today at The Butcher’s Dog office today!!

Have you accidentally (or not 😉) colour coordinated with your dog?? 

Post a story and tag @thebutchersdogau and include the tag #matchymatchy and we will pick a winner who will receive a free bag of treats!! 

*Open to Australian residents only. Giveaway will close Monday 4th July 2022. Winner will be announced on Tuesday 5th July. Winner will also be contacted by direct message from our @thebutchersdogau account. Please do not disclose personal information to an account other than @thebutchersdogau.

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😍 We love hearing stories like Julie's on how switching to raw has made a dramatic improvement to her dog's life.

Goodbye gastric problems 👋 Hello healthy, stunning dogs! 🐾

If you are interested in switching to raw, our Transition Box 📦 is a great place to start.
"I had wanted to get @hunter.the.huntawayx on to a raw diet for a while, but he always sniffed and walked away. I wasted so much money trying different raw items, then my friend who feeds your products to her dogs gave me a bag of the Beef and Turkey, Hunter was salivating. His poops are solid, small and less stinky. His coat is thick, shiny and healthy. It's just a wonderful food and we are so thankful for it." ~Lauren~

Thanks for the feedback Lauren and we are so happy that Hunter 🐕 is doing so well from a raw diet! It's stories like this where we hear how a raw diet has improved the wellbeing and life of a beloved pet that drives us to continue what we do. 🐾

Thank you for your support ❤

Don’t worry, we don’t bite!
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