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“As fit as The Butcher’s Dog”
Because dogs are carnivores and feeding a balanced raw diet emulates the food and nutrition that nature intended.
We only use human-grade meat, bones, organs and seasonal vegetables and fruits, farmed right here in Australia.
Formulated by animal nutritionists to provide natural balanced nutrition. No preservatives, synthetic vitamins & minerals or chemicals.
One-off or subscription plans delivered frozen directly to your door in our temperature-controlled vans.

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The Butchers Dog meals can be purchased from selected neighbourhood butchers and pet stores.
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Thanks @cc.the.grey hound.
We love hearing our customers stories - there is often a lot of wisdom and relatable information that can help others on their path to raw. 
#Repost @cc.the.grey
We love RAW! CC is mostly raw now.
Loving @thebutchersdogau 
Yes a bit pricey. But worth it! Save me time shopping and prep. I did all that and she didn’t like it or tummy reacted to some of the prep I made. 

CC had 2 months of diarrhoea. Chicken and rice diet didn’t ease her tummy much. The diarrhoea was due to one time I fed her too much oats and apples. Another time a kibble brand, which we previously had no issues before, new bag did not agree with CC (the company denied changing the formula. Could be some issue with where they sourced some ingredients. Or Greyhound sensitive stomach). After 1.5 days on The Butchers Dog she got solid 💩 She used to do 💩 💩 💩 💩 BIG ones each day and lots of stinky 🐕 💨 💨. NOW - two medium size solid 💩 in morning only and less💨 Worth the $$. Less anxiety and headache for me. CC feels better. I also buy mince beef from butchers and add the fruit and veg mix. Change it up a bit 😊
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🧸🤎Little Tokyo is our smallest  ambassador and getting the best start in life .
Puppies who grow up on a raw diet are much less likely to develop  allergies, sensitivities or skin issues later in life. 
Don’t worry, we don’t bite!
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