The Butcher’s Dog® Combo Boxes are a great way to start your recurring orders and subscriptions. Pick from our popular boxes and customise as required.

Transition Pack Transition Pack

Transition Pack

New to raw? This pack is a great place to start.
Puppy Pack Puppy Pack

Puppy Pack

Take your puppy straight home to a healthy raw diet.
Taster Pack Taster Pack

Taster Pack

The Taster Pack is a selection of 4 Meat Variety Packs and 2...
Carnivore Pack Carnivore Pack

Carnivore Pack

The Carnivore Pack contains assorted meaty varieties.
Puppy Pack Plus Gut Soothe Puppy Pack Plus Gut Soothe

Puppy Pack Plus Gut Soothe

The Puppy Pack Plus Gut Soothe helps Puppies with the...
The Butcher's Dog
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The Butcher's Dog Food Calculator

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disc per day

These amounts are a guide only. You will need to increase/decrease your dog’s intake depending on their body condition. All dog breeds have different metabolisms and activity levels. Feed pregnant and lactating mothers up to twice the normal daily amount.

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