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Puppy Box

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Puppy Box

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Take your puppy straight home to a healthy raw diet.

The Puppy Box is designed for taking your new puppy straight home to a healthy raw diet. Puppies do extremely well on raw food and it's never too early to start. Perfect for puppies adjusting to a new home and new food.

24 x 250g meat discs + 8x 150g fruit and veg discs

  • 24 x 250g meat discs

  • 8 x 150g fruit and veg discs

  • 1x - Premium Turkey with Seasonal Vegetables

  • 2x - Puppy Love: Chunky Beef and Chicken with Crushed Bone

  • 1x - Chunky Beef Heart and Liver

  • 2x - Vegetable and Fruit Supplement

Product arrives frozen. Store in the freezer, defrost in the fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion and refreeze).

Thoroughly defrost before feeding as feeding frozen or semi-frozen food is not advised, especially for puppies. You may need to leave it in a covered container on the bench for a short time to fully defrost.

Suitable for growing puppies. Always feed a variety of proteins from across our range for balanced nutrition. We recommend rotating through at least 4 meat types plus our Vegetable and Fruit supplement.

Feeding the Puppy Combo Box

Start by feeding the Turkey and Veg variety first as this is a mild meat and least likely to cause any transition tummy upset.

Follow this with Puppy Love, leaving the Beef, Heart and Liver pack until last to allow a smooth transition.

Add some of the Veg and fruit supplement with each meal. Start with a teaspoon of the veg and fruit mixed in and work your way up so that you're feeding between 10% and 20% vegetables. You can tailor the amount to your dogs taste. Your puppies poop is the window to how they are tracking and its best to stay on one flavour until the poop is normal before changing flavours.

It can help puppies with their adjustment to a new home and diet to feed a small amount of their existing food mixed with the new raw food. Gradually you can increase the raw and reduce the dry food.

*Remember there will be less poop out-put on a raw diet as the food doesn't contain indigestible filler ingredients which are excreted as waste. Your puppy will drink less water than on a dry diet, as raw food contains moisture and helps keep them hydrated naturally.

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