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The Butcher's Dog | Kangaroo Ribs Treats

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Kangaroo Ribs

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Kangaroo Ribs

$18.45 or subscribe and save 7.5%

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$18.45 or subscribe and save 7.5%

We call these The Butcher’s Dog toothbrush. Fully digestible air dried kangaroo ribs, that do a great job of keeping your dog’s teeth clean – all that gnawing and chewing. They also keep them entertained and help dogs to feel full and satisfied.

Safe to feed and a great way to introduce your dog to bones. Naturally dried, not cooked, so the bone does not splinter. A great sized dental chew and nutritional treat for small and medium dogs.


Manufactured in Australian using 100% Australian ingredients


100% Kangaroo, No Additives or Preservatives. Nothing added, just dried kangaroo ribs!


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